In a world of constant risk and slim margins, progressive commercial cattlemen cannot afford unproductive females in their ranching operation. At Collier Farms, we firmly understand the challenges faced by today's ranchers, thus our dedication to producing and offering only the best replacement females available on the market today. The E6 certified female fits this demand.


Collier Farms National E6 Sale
April 29, 2018 :: 12pm
Columbus, Texas

Sale Offering:

Selling over 125 Beefmaster E6 first calf pairs.
Beefmaster x Beefmaster cows with 2-5 month old Angus Calves at side.




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Certified E6 Females

Certified E6 Femaless are commercial replacement females that are composed of at least half purebred Beefmaster genetics and can be as much as 100%. A producer of E6 females may choose to use either a registered Beefmaster bull on his commercial cow herd or breed his registerd Beefmaster females to any bull of his choice. These offspring must then be inspected by BBU field staff to exhibit those traits necessary to meet the six essentials of beef production, as outlined by breed founder Tom Lasater. Once past inspection, these females are issued an official E6 certificate and can be marked as such.


Collier Farms E6 Program

Each year, Collier Farms offers a large group of these highly sought after females at BBU's National E6 Replacement Female Sale. This sale is held every spring and offers some of the best commercial 1st calf pairs, bred heifers, and open heifers available. The Collier Farms cattle were raised under harsh South Texas brush country conditions by an impressive set of commercial Beefmaster cows, all calving in a 100 day season. These females are then required to breed at approximately 15 months of age and calve at 24 months of age. Most of the E6 first calf pairs offered by Collier Farms will have Angus Calves at side in order to display the versatility of the Beefmaster cow. It is our goal that the demanding commercial cattlemen be impressed and satisfied with our product.