The heart of the Collier Farms program and the Beefmaster breed lies within the unrivaled productivity of our females. It is our continued focus to make these high levels of production available to our customers throughout our donor, registered brood cow, and E6 commercial female herds. Contact us for prices and availability of embryos, registered and E6 commercial females.


Featured Donor Cows



**Lady Legacy U 1,2
Sire: **Sir Kiffer (**Cherokee Phantom x **Adair 062/7)
Dam: Moss 235/10 (***Levi x **Moss 111/5)

Lady legacy is the caliber of female rarely found in donor herds, due to the completeness she offers. With ease one can notice the straight lines and correctness that is complimented with her overall depth and smoothness. This combined with a great underline, ample muscling, and a well designed udder makes her an easy 1,2 classified cow. By age seven, Lady Legacy received typesetter status based on natural progeny and then entered our donor herd to produce some of our finest calves to date. She is the type of female that produces superior calves by a variety of sires and consistently produces a high percentage of viable embryos. Take special note of the maternal power and breed legends which can be found in her pedigree.

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Penelope and Petunia U
Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)
Dam: Lady Victoria (**Spartacus x Victoria's Secret)

Brought back together into the Collier Farms E.T. program in 2007, these two flush-mates exemplify everything to be expected by Painted Tiger and Lady Victoria. Combining Painted Tiger with the legendary 293 cow family is a proven mating that has created some of the most impressive and productive cattle in the breed. These two amazing females are no exception. Pinelope and Petunia both have produced many high selling offspring by a variety of bulls and have the potential to mate well with countless other sires. Their two flush-mate brothers, Sgt. Pepper and Lion King, have also left their mark among many beefmaster programs. Watch for the outstanding production coming from these powerful donors in the near future.

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Jungle Honey Bear U
Sire: Jungle Ranger (***Ranger's Pride x Fisher 0/18)
Dam: Honey Bear (55 Dandy x ***Levi)

An extraordinary female that continues to proves herself with each calf, Jungle Honey Bear defines what a true donor should be. This cow has produced great females such as the 2007 Grand Champion Heifer at the San Antonio Rose Classic and many more like her being kept in our herd. In addition to great females, she has produced several powerful herd sires that are currently being used in our program. Jungle Honey Bear, like many other Jungle Ranger daughters, can be noted for her perfect udder design and ability to raise a heavy weaning calf year after year.

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Jungle Spice U
Sire: **Cavalier (**Spartacus x **Lazy M 1-5/5)
Dam : Jungle Fever (**Cherokee Phantom x **Jungle Red)

Just as the right seasoning can make any recipe, Jungle Spice has produced offspring that have added essential flavors to many herds in the breed. A quick glance at her pedigree speaks volumes for the predictability and performance her genetics can offer. Proof of this kind of production is evident in our mainstay herd sire, Tabasco. This Jungle Spice son continues the legendary legacy of the Jungle Red cow family and consistency of Cavalier daughters.

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Other Collier Farms Donor Cows


V7 853

Sire: Victor (**Spartacus x **Miss V)

Dam: Dunklin 168 (***Levi Son x **Phantom daughter)

Tiger Joy

Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)

Dam: **Lightning 800 (***King Cotton x **Snoopy daughter)

Seven C 268/3

Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior z **Dunkin 1-126)

Dam: Welder 797/3 (**Cinco x Welder 494/0)

**Crimson Clover (CF 33/5)

Sire: E 257 (**J-Fifteen x **Randado 5)

Dam: E310 (***Cromson Warrior x **Levi Stretch granddaughter)

Red Farrah's Dream (L2 22/06)

Sire: **Spartacus (**Gladiator x **Dreamlady)

Dam: Red Farrah (**Red Sugar x **Farrah Lady)

Clementine (293L123)

Sire: Cavalier (**Spartacus z **Lazy M 1-5/5)

Dam: Sierra (**Synergy x **Farrah Lady)

Phantom Lace (FC 29/6)

Sire: Big Mac (**Phantom x Thompson 2000)

Dam: Judy 41/4 (***King Cotton granddaughter)

Midas Honey (CF 519/7)

Sire: Midas (**Little h 146 x **Bryan 511/8)

Dam: Honey Bear (55 Dandy x ***Levi daughter)

Betsy's Phantom Lady (51M)

Sire: **Phantom (**Robert E. Lee x **Lady Phantom)

Dam: Betsy Ross (***Levi x **(***Ranger's Pride z **EMS 6-2))

Jungle Whisper (CF 49/1)

Sire: Jungle Ranger (Red Ranger(**Ranger's Pride x **Jungle Red)) x Fisher 0/18

Dam: Ashby 1/2 (**MVP x Green's 180)

BJR 66/6

Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)

Dam: **Bales 17 (***Ranger's Pride x **97/9(***Levi daughter))

**CF 764/7

Sire: Adair 385/5 (**S.O.B. x Queen Cotton (***K. Cotton x **062/7))

Dam: Wittenburg 4301 (Wittenburg 9209 x **Brushy Creek 8-269)

Zippy Lady (CF 572/8)

Sire: Bar 7 bar 34/2 (**General Zip x **195 Gamble Creek)

Dam: Mahler 57/1 (***Levi granddaughter)

**Mary Kay (CF 765/7)

Sire: Joe's Pride (**Todd's Major Pride z **STCH 542)

Dam: Moreland 84/4 (Josecito x Kolb 21/3)

Royal Cowtown Lady (CF 559/8)

Sire: Royal T (**Royal x **Brushy Creek 4-63)

Dam: C&F 245 (Cowtown x **Circle Dot 188)

CF 104/8

Sire: Jungle Ranger (Red Ranger (***Ranger's Pride x **Jungle Red)) x Fisher

Dam: High Pine 315/3 (**Seminole Warrior granddaughter)

Alice (CF 17/6)

Sire: Francis 229/2 (**Tailor Red x **Painted Star)

Dam: Texian Ranch 24/4

Midas Queen (CF 34/1)

Sire: Midas (**Little h 146 x **Bryan 511/8)

Dam: Lincecum 183-5 (Hondo x Triple J 1140/4)

**Snowy Tiger (AL 131/91)

Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)

Dam: ***Barfield 2/095 (***Snow Cloud x **Barfield 8/068)

Rancher's Lady (CF 505/7)

Sire: Joe's Pride (**Todd's Major Pride x **STCH 542)

Dam: Miss May (King C. x Danielle)

Nellie's Pride (CF 504/7)

Sire: Joe's Pride (**Todd's Major Pride x **STCH 542)

Dam: **Nellie (Toby x **Blair 68)

CF 23/9

Sire: Ranger (Red Ranger (***Ranger's Pride x **Jungle Red)) x Fisher 0/18)

Dam: RJ 18/1 (DYNX x Four L 3/359)

Seven C 685

Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)

Dam: Turner Crest Z334 (**Phantom x **L Bar 18917)

Ms. Longevity (R 6-127)

Sire: Whitworth 105 (**Red Dick x **Farrah)

Dam: Sapphire (***Levi x **Brown 032)

Seven C 450

Sire: Sir Charles (***Levi x **Miss Gladys)

Dam: Dunkin 150 (**Painted Tiger x ***Levi daughter)

Seven C 318/4

Sire: Wartrace (**Warpaint x Circle Dot 23)

Dam Seven C 3/1

Hilltop Ranch 977/1

Sire: ***Classic COtton (***Levi x ***McGrede 5/39)

Dam: Miss Dusty (**Painted Tiger x **Lady Jaqueline)


Registered Brood Cows

Imagine an attractive herd of Beefmaster cows being gathered at weaning time, all with big strong calves at their mothers' sides and all born within 90 days of each other. At Collier Farms this is not only the goal, it is the standard by which all cows in our registered brood cow herds are measured. From the time a replacement heifer calves, she must stay within our program guidelines and demands or become subject to the strict culling practices required of progressive operations. By doing AI on commercial range conditions, our females will pass on the same genetic ability to their offspring. These offspring will then become herd replacements themselves or our offering to you, the customer.