**Lady Legacy U 1,2
Sire: **Sir Kiffer (**Cherokee Phantom x **Adair 062/7)
Dam: Moss 235/10 (***Levi x **Moss 111/5)

**Lady Legacy is the caliber of female rarely found in donor herds, due to the completeness she offers. With ease one can notice the straight lines and correctness that is complimented with her overall depth and smoothness. This combined with a great underline, ample muscling, and a well designed udder makes her an easy 1,2 classified cow. By age seven, **Lady Legacy received typesetter status based on natural progeny and then entered our donor herd to produce some of our finest calves to date. She is the type of female that produces superior calves by a variety of sires and consistently produces a high percentage of viable embryos. Take special note of the maternal power and breed legends which can be found in her pedigree.



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