Penelope and Petunia U
Sire: **Painted Tiger (**Painted Warrior x **Dunkin 1-126)
Dam: Lady Victoria (**Spartacus x Victoria's Secret)

Brought back together into the Collier Farms E.T. program in 2007, these two flush-mates exemplify everything to be expected by Painted Tiger and Lady Victoria. Combining Painted Tiger with the legendary 293 cow family is a proven mating that has created some of the most impressive and productive cattle in the breed. These two amazing females are no exception. Penelope and Petunia both have produced many high selling offspring by a variety of bulls and have the potentail to mate well with counteless other sires. Their two flush-mate brothers, Sgt. Pepper and Lion King, have also left their mark among many Beefmaster programs. Watch for the outstanding production coming from these powerful donors in the near future.


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